LEAGUE DAY - October 17, 2015

Leadership and Achievement: Finding the balance in our reformed Christian schools

Date: October 17, 2015

Location: Covenant Canadian Reformed Teacher’s College, 410 Crerar Drive, Hamilton, Ontario

One way to describe the purpose of working in a reformed Christian school would be to say this: Those working in our schools are there to assist parents in the education of covenant children for an engaged life of service to the Lord. Having made the statement (or one similar), it is important to understand how we can make it happen. How do we ensure that those who work within the system are better able walk alongside the stated goals? And how can the people we hire to bring students along the schooling journey be further equipped to lead them as far as time and ability allow.

It is our hope that this League Day will contribute to the ongoing development of excellence in our school system. It is also our hope that members from your school board will be there to contribute to the interesting and interactive agenda we have laid out below as we explore answers to the questions above.

Wishing you all the Lord’s blessing in your work and hoping to see you on October 17th, 2015.

Jason Heemskerk- LCRSS Coordinator



8:15am: Registration and Refreshments

8:30am: Opening and welcome

8:40am: The impact of school leadership on achievement:

     1. Looking at research

     2. Investigating practices

     3. Balancing abilities

10:00am: Refreshment break

10:15am: Developing leadership in our schools

     1. Implications for our principals

     2. Implications for our Boards

     3. Implications for our League

11:45am: Harvest Endowment Foundation presentation

12:00pm: Closing and lunch


League Day Agenda

League Day Agenda
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